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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Primer on Postmodernism - Part II

This is a continuation on my Dec. 2 blog thoughts about the book, "A Primer on Postmodernism" by Stanley J. Grenz.

P. 164 - "Our commitment to the God revealed in Christ compels us to stand squarely against at least one aspect or outworking of the radical skepticism of postmodernism: the loss of a 'center'...In contrast to postmodern thought, we believe that there is a unifying center to reality. More specifically, we acknowledge that this center has appeared in Jesus of Nazareth, who is the eternal Word present among us."

My thoughts: Here is precisely the real danger of postmodernism. Yet, ironically, Grenz also immediately points out the following:

P. 164 - "Postmodern thinkers rightly alert us to the naivete of the Enlightenment attempt to discover universal truth by appeal to reason alone."

My thoughts: Statements like this are why I said in my first blog post on this book that Grenz handles this subject more accurately than most. He is not afraid to state how postmodernism, while lacking the "center", still alerts us to the dangers of the modernism that preceded it.

P. 165 - "...we simply cannot allow Christianity to be relegated to the status of one more faith among others."

My thoughts: This is one of the greatest dangers of postmodernism - that many faiths can simultaneously be right.

P. 166 - "...the Christian faith entails a denial that the rational, scientific method is the sole measure of truth. We affirm that certain aspects of truth lie beyond reason and cannot be fathomed by reason."

My thoughts: I like that quote because I wrestled with this decades ago as a new Christian. Looking back, I now believe the reason I struggled was because my faith was born in the midst of the modernist era. We looked so much for reasons for our faith back then that we failed to admit that some aspects of faith are "beyond reason."

P. 167 - "...articulate and embody the gospel in the context of culture."

My thoughts: Good advice.

P. 168 - "...establishment of community - faith that is highly social."

My thoughts: More good advice.

P. 174 - "...the gospel is the answer to the longings of the of the postmodern generation."

My thoughts: Bottom line!!!


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