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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Giving

Have you found someone yet with whom to share the true spirit of Christmas?

1) Give someone the greatest gift there is and tell them the simple story of God coming to earth as a man to be our Savior. Continue by telling your personal story of faith about how you came to know God. Do it before Christmas gets here. Make a commitment and follow through.

2) Do you know someone personally who has a child who will not have any or very little to unwrap under the tree this Christmas? Why not add the personal touch by investigating the needs and personally delivering the gifts to the parents and/or the children of someone you know than simply signing up to help through an organization. I am not knocking the organizations that help acquire gifts for Christmas. That's good too. But if God sends someone across your path that needs help why not address the need your self if you can?

3) Be nice when everyone else is short-tempered and ill at the mall and on the highways. Smile a lot!

4) Wish everyone, even the politically correct, a "Merry Christmas!"


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