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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Approaching God

I think I will write about some of the good books I've read the last few years.

I'll start in alphabetical order with, "Approaching God" by Steve Brown. Brown is the host of the radio program, "Key Life". Here are few things he said that struck a chord with me...and my thoughts in return.

In his introduction - "Prayer is not just for experts."

My thoughts: Thank God! I'm still no expert after decades of praying.

Page 16 - "On the proper posture for prayer: A rabbi fell in a well, he said, 'best praying I ever did was done standing on my head.'"

My thoughts: I think praying on your knees, with your head bowed is good sometimes, your posture can help show your reverence and submission to God. But I pray while driving my car, laying in my bed in the middle of the night, sitting here at my computer, standing in church, etc. The posture of my heart is what counts.

Page 24 - "The only thing settled at conversion is our salvation...everything else, learning the truth about ourselves, living the Christian life, etc., is only just beginning."

My thoughts: I want to be diligent to teach this to new Christ followers.

Page 35 - "Ever wonder what people think about you? Most don't think about you at all."

My thoughts: Many Christians have been defeated by worrying too much about what others think about them.


My thoughts: That's one of the best pieces of advice for prayer that could be given!


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