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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Be Myself

Be Myself is the title of Warren Wiersbe's autobiography. Wiersbe is my favorite Bible expositor of the 20th Century so getting to read his thoughts while putting himself under the microscope was enlightening. Most of it I just sat back and enjoyed years ago when I first appreciated it.

Here are just a few notes and quotes I wrote down.

P. 93 - Wiersbe offers this solution to the problem of a pastor being criticized for preaching at other places: "Call a pastor nobody else wants to listen to."

P. 95 - "God doesn't want me to reduplicate myself - he wants me to reproduce."

P. 275 - "I don't know as much about prophecy as I used to, and I have stopped looking for obscure texts that will stun congregations."

P. 313 - After having his gall bladder removed Wiersbe asked his doctor, "If God gave me a gall bladder and you can take it out and I can do without it, why did God give it to me in the first place?" Doc's reply: "So I can send my kids to college."

320 - Wiersbe served on the boards of many Christian organizations. One was the Slavic Gospel Association. Someone inquired as to which version of the Bible this organization used. Wiersbe replied, "Russian." "Is it the Russian King James Version?" the inquisitor replied.


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