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Saturday, December 10, 2005

When Computers Don't Work at the Computer Store

Just got back from Circuit City to buy a cable for a new printer for my computer. I had no choice but to go even though it's the Christmas shopping season.

Besides being patient in traffic, being patient finding a parking place and being patient in line to buy the cable, it took extreme patience waiting to make the purchase.

Today and tomorrow the store had a sale involving a ten percent off coupon. But every time the cashiers tried to activate the ten percent off the computers balked. Lines were backing up. Some customers were becoming irate. Others were just putting their items on the nearest racks and walking out.

I am not a patient person. (See December 5th's entry in my blog - "My Disability")

While waiting in line (for nearly 30 minutes!) I considered the irony of having trouble with the computers at a computer store.

Then, as I was driving dawned on me. I already had a cable like this one in my garage! Double the irony!

Life is full of time wasted when you don't intend to waste it. Along with our imperfect efforts at accomplishment, there are the inevitable technical difficulties.

If you've felt like you've been taking two steps forward and three steps back lately don't feel alone. It's the human condition. And evidently its the machine condition also.


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