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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Deb's Family Reunion

On Thursday, July 20, Deb's side of the family gathered in Gordo, Alabama, near Tuscaloosa, for a reunion. The Baines and Davis families were both from Gordo, and this was Deb's mom's side, the Davis family.

Deb's Aunt Ellen still lives in Gordo and that is where we met. The first picture is of almost everyone who met - some had left earlier.

The second is of Deb's mom, her three children, and their families. Our son Brandon and his wife Keshia couldn't make the get together, and neither could Bethany's husband David.

It was an enjoyable meeting. Lots of laughter and even a sing-a-long of old hymns which was a joy because most of Deb's family sings. I don't know of anyone there who isn't a follower of Christ.

There were members of the family who couldn't be there because they are already waiting for the rest of us in heaven. And, as has often been said, a family reunion is a reminder of what heaven will be like - united with family again, not hindered by distance or business.


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