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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wedding Results

Our son Brandon's marriage to Keshia yesterday was great. [Here with our son and his bride at the reception are his sisters (Brooke & Bethany - on the far left and the far right) and some of his Atwood cousins (Jared, Justin, Rachel and Candace) Thanks for the pic Candace!]

I am sitting here at Brandon's computer composing this blog entry while he and his bride are on their honeymoon. I only got choked up once during the ceremony, which is not bad because I am real tenderhearted about our three children. (I can't imagine what a softie I am going to be when the grandchildren start arriving - the first is due this fall - Brooke and Matthew's son - they're still working on a name). Having officiated for all three of our children's weddings has been one of life's greatest blessings for me. To see them each marry a wonderful godly person has been the fulfillment of a life goal for their mother and me.

Brandon is youth and worship pastor at his church here in Indiana. He's been here for four years and met Keshia in the church here. She is completing her degree at Ball State University in Muncie. They went to Montreal for their honeymoon. It was great to be here with Deb and Brooke and Matthew, Brandon and Keshia, and Bethany and David. Time with all of them is always too short. Heading back to Huntsville, Alabama shortly. Today is one of my rare Sundays away from Pathway Church. I know I will be thinking of the church and praying for them while I am on the road.


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