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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hearing God

Here's another book I want to recommend to your reading list. The author has lived the topic and it shows.

Hearing God has become one of my favorites. Here are a few quotes from Peter Lord's work to whet your appetite in the hopes that you will want to examine this work for yourself.

Page 13 - "Jesus' most repeated statement was, 'He that has ears, let him hear!' The last seven times He said it, Jesus added, 'What the Spirit is saying."

P. 25 - "The computer makes us fantastically more able to calculate and analyze. It does NOT help us to meditate. We have instruments that help us see everything from the nebulae to the neutron - everything except ourselves. We have immeasurably extended our gift of sight - but not of INSIGHT. For that, we have the same instrument of the 8th Century (BC) prophets! Potentially the same, but actually poorer...we have built ourselves up into power transmitting stations, but as receiver sets we are feeble."

P. 31 - "Mary was the only one who really understood what was ahead for Jesus - because she had sat at His feet - listening."

P. 32 - "It isn't the fears that make us worry, it's our interpretation of the facts."

P. 38 - "There is a hardness that has settled over much of the church of Jesus Christ. Not from a lack of hearing truth, but from a lack of responding to the truth we have heard."

P. 53 - "Hurry is not 'of the devil' - it is the devil!"

P. 90 - "God will often stop blessing a procedure so we will return to Him."

P. 113 - Lord quotes C. S. Lewis who said, "God uses miracles, not magic."
P. 114 - "Satan is essentially a magician."

P. 131 - "Your self-worth is never attacked by the Lord."

P. 147 - "One of Satan's primary weapons is discouragement - to cause you to stop what you are doing or do it in a half-hearted way. The enemy will point to and distort present appearances and past experiences. He will punctuate his attack with past failures."

P. 194 - "The tendency of unregenerate flesh is to "use God." (For ego exaltation, for successful ministry, for personal gain) "We would rather use God than be used of God."

P. 230 - "Good works = what I do at the command of God for others; Dead works = what I do for others on my own."


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