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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One of My Favorite Praying Spots

Here are two views of one of my favorite praying spots. The first is of me facing the west (you can see the Wisteria in the top of the tree down the slope in front of me) and the other of my sweet wife Deb facing east. It's on the overlook at Monte Sano. It's a peaceful and contemplative place. I really don't get to go to the top of the mountain enough.

Most of the time I go there to be alone with God, especially when I am seeking His direction or crying out to Him about something. Sometimes I can find peace and quiet in my study, but that calm is all too often interupted by the noise of passing cars, lawnmowers, and sirens. But at this place I only hear the singing birds and breeze blowing in the trees. And what I see reminds me of the power of a God so big and strong He paints a portrait on a canvass so large my problems are no problem for Him to solve.

My favorite time to visit is when I want to say "thank you" to God. "Thank you" is the thought on my mind in the picture above. I was thanking Him for His friendship, for my family, for my church, and so much more. I was thanking Him for being such a magnificent Creator!

I hope and pray that whatever difficulties you are facing right now that you will remember that God is able to help you overcome them. I hope you say "thank you" to a God who loves you enough to let you enjoy His creative handiwork.


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