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Friday, June 23, 2006

Family Vacation Recap

Deb likes the beach and I prefer the mountains. This was beach year for family vacation. We rented a villa this past week with our two daughters and their husbands. Our son Brandon and his wife Keshia just recently returned from their honeymoon so they weren't with us this year.

We spent the week at Seagrove Beach in Florida - on the Gulf Coast.

My main thought about family vacation this year was that it sure is good that your kids still want to vacate with you even after they are grown and out on their own!

My second thought was it sure was good to have three couples to split the expenses and the cooking and cleaning with!

Our last full day was spent eating at a restaurant called Boatyard overlooking the water, followed by a by a two-hour boatride on the Sea Screamer. We saw a lot of dolphins and got a lot of sun.

It was good to read and rest (notice Deb and I both with books in our hands in the picture above) and more than anything to be with our family that we love more than anything!


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