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Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Pictures?

What's wrong with me?

Yesterday Deb and I went with the "Trailblazers" (folks in our church 55 and older) to Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and no one took any pictures!

I can't believe it. I never have been in the habit of taking along a camera and I often regret it. But at least I sometimes remember to ask someone else to take some pictures of church activities.

The food wasn't as good as last time Deb and I were there but I was glad to have a chance to spend more time with these great folks. I think I ate enough catfish to grow gills. Everyone was making fun of me but for some reason I couldn't eat enough. I think it was the sauce that was provided that made the fish taste so good. (And no, the hostess assured me there wasn't any of the "special ingredient" in the sauce. Jack Daniels distillery owns the place. Ha! There wasn't any "sauce" in the sauce. But they did put some on the baked apples. How terrible would it have been for the pastor and his wife to return to church with the senior saints tipsy!)

It's takes about an hour to drive from Huntsville north to Lynchburg and the day was nice and sunny and with the leaves changing colors this time of year the drive through rural south central Tennessee with rolling hills and farms was relaxing.

My only regret is that I did not plant a hidden microphone in the van with six ladies inside.

Monday, November 05, 2007

That's My Story & It's Sticking To Me

This blog was originally intended to be about several things, and one major topic was to be my thoughts about books I've been reading.

But instead of just reading, lately I've been trying to finish writing a book for our three children. (So it's not going to be a best-seller; not even a seller at all actually. It is going to be a gift. Will I make it by Christmas...?)

I've mentioned writing this book before in my blog - and how it is a much more daunting task than I thought it would be. In fact, I took a hiatus for several months because it is so difficult. But lately I have been at it again and that's where my thoughts have been recorded - instead of in my blog.

Actually, its one of those books where you fill in the answers to questions about your life so that your children will have a better idea of your personal history. I have often wished, even as I grow older, that I knew more about my father's life and thoughts.

Our fathers certainly play a defining role in shaping who we are - not only because of the genes they pass on to us - but also because of their personal legacies. I want our three grown children, now with families of their own - to be able to share in their roots - to know a little bit more about where they came from so that they'll be able to better chart where they're going.

That's my story and it's sticking to me.