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Friday, February 27, 2009

Church Sign Message Ideas

Sent out an email to some church family members this afternoon to request any creative ideas on what to put on the church sign message board.

I'm always looking for something catchy that might just arouse the curiosity of an unchurched person; something that would motivate them to be our guest.

Got some serious answers, some humorous. Here's a sampling:

1 - "No snake handling this Sunday." (Now that WOULD get attention!) (By the way, no snake handling ANY Sunday!)

2 - "Our pastor can do the Vulcan greeting." (This is a reference to the fact that I sometimes gesture like Mr. Spock on Star Trek when I'm speaking - the fingers of my hand become separated at the middle. No, I don't do the Vulcan mind meld or immobilize anyone by squeezing their trapezius muscle.)

3 - "Stop in and worship. You ain't doin' nothin' else on Sunday morning."

4 - "Looking for real change? Start by visiting us."

5 - "Visit Pathway Church and see what it's like."

6 - "Come to Pathway this Sunday on Jamie's birthday. Jamie goes to church here." (Or something like that. I erased the email before I thought about making this list but how funny!)

7 - "Satan made someone litter on our parking lot." (Perhaps we should offer a reward?)

8 - "No more room for visitors." (reverse psychology)

9 - "Wish you'd been here last week. It was great!" or "Last week was great. Come in and see the sequel."

10 - "Do you need a spiritual stimulus?" or "Visit Sunday to receive your spiritual stimulus."

I love the people of Pathway! Check the church sign out to see which idea is used. If you have a good suggestion please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog.