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Friday, September 28, 2007

Faith in Act!on

Pathway Church is currently involved in a Faith in Act!on campaign. This intensified month-long emphasis is not just about going to church, but about "being" the church. It will culminate on October 14 with our observance of "Faith in Act!on Sunday."

On this day we're asking everyone in the church family to be involved in at least one act of community service. In fact we're going to take what seems like a radical step to some and cancel the morning worship gathering on that day in order to perform these acts of serving others.

I've noticed down through the years that a lot of people who have followed Jesus have been fearful of doing something radically different from what they've always done.

But my thinking is the opposite. I'm afraid of always doing the same thing. I'm afraid of apathy and complacency setting in, about Christ followers becoming cold and indifferent to being the "salt" and the "light" that Jesus left us here to be. I'm afraid we might become too inwardly focused that we forget that there are those outside the church family who are in dire need of the love of Christ.

So in our daily devotions and small groups and in my weekly messages to the church we have been piling on the teachings of Jesus about putting our faith in action. Already I've noticed a rumbling underneath the surface of things that I hope will turn into a full fledged earthquake of caring for others that Jesus intended the church to experience.

It's time to not do church as usual. It's time to put our faith in act!on!


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