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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

Went to see this movie Friday night with Deb - had to talk her into it. We went with a few friends from the church. Deb actually ended up liking it, I think because of the wry humor of Bruce Willis' character, John McClane. It didn't hurt that the plot was not twisted - just a good action flick with some over the top scenes (like Willis standing on the wings of a jet) and tremendously entertaining special affects.

And I was not displeased, as I sometimes am, with the gratuitous profanity Hollywood loves. In fact, I thought there was comparatively very little profanity in this film, certainly not any more than cable TV. I don't enjoy hearing vulgarity and I certainly don't use it. But I do get an earful sometimes when I'm out and about the city - especially talking to some of the roughnecks with whom I have conversations. So I guess that's another reason I don't cringe at it in the theater.

I've also gotta confess that I never have believed that watching entertainment that includes violence is wrong for Christ followers - unless its gratuitous. I never have wanted to watch chainsaw massacre movies and such.

I like to see movies portraying heroes taking chances when they're on the side of right and justice - and the character John McClane is the king of taking risks. It's appealing to me. Real men, and women, have to take risks for what's right every day and the odds are often stacked against them. (Am I coming across as being too corny?)

Movies like this charge my battery. Sometimes I need to be motivated to keep taking risks for right.


  • At Sunday, July 15, 2007 7:06:00 AM , Blogger Pastor Jeff Lawson said...

    I liked the movie a lot too. I have seen all of the Die Hard's and I think that this one is probably the best of the bunch.
    As a pastor, I get criticized on occasion for going to the movies. I hear things like, "How can you give those places that show smaut money?" My response is usually, "When they do show good stuff, we want to patronize them to encourage showing more movies like it."

    There have been several new movies out lately that i have gone to see. Personally, I see it as a chance to escape reality for a couple of hours!

  • At Thursday, August 09, 2007 9:53:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I enjoyed the movie as well... It was a nice night spent with good friends. We should do it again very soon...

    But I still think Die hard 3 "With a Vengence" is the best of the Die Hard franchise.

    That's because it had Samuel L. Jackson in it too...


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