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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A I Wasted Time

The part of American Idol I like least are the fillers taking up time and selling more advertising. Guests artists that perform poorly or rehashing useless information to make the show last it's alloted time.

I'm always surfing the web or reading a book during the Wednesday night show. It's a waste of time to watch all of the commericials. I cringe every time Ryan says, "after the break."

Speaking of reading a book, I finished David Baldacci's "Camel Club" last night. I liked it but I'm unsure of whether or not Baldacci was trying to make a political statement about the war on terror. I don't like reading a book if the author is trying to subtly slip in his political viewpoint - but I'm just not sure this is what he was intending. I know nothing of his politics. This is definitely a convoluted subject and Baldacci is a master storyteller - bobbing and weaving the plot like a pro boxer.

This is my third Baldacci book. I've also cased "Saving Faith" and "The Hour Game." I think "Saving Faith" is my favorite thus far because of the fantastic and ironic plot twist at the end, although I have a lot of volumes left to catch up on when it comes to his work. I kind of find a storyteller and latch onto his stuff until I read all of what interests me. I've done this with guys like Grisham and the Left Behind series and Greg Isles, etc.

I'm thinking of picking up James Patterson next after I finish off a few more Baldacci novels. If I don't like the first work I read by an author its not too likely I will continue. Can anyone suggest Patterson's best?

Of course I pick up my books at estate sales and thrift stores because I can't justify the cost of new books at the rate I read. When I walk into new bookstores its just to drool. Good thing Huntsville is a big book town! Lots of reading is always available for cheap. If all else fails my new study is right across the street from a branch of the public library. God is good to me. This is one of several reasons I'm glad God planted me in The Rocket City - books-a-plenty!

LOST - from strange to absolutely weird tonight.

And incidentally, why are the characters on this show continually being led to new houses and slave ships, etc. that they never discovered before in all of their treks around the island?

John Locke, my favorite character (I have no idea what that says about me) went with Ben to meet "Jacob."

Then Ben relives the day he committed patricide and "the purge." Then he shoots Locke.

I'm finished with LOST!

At least until next week.


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