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Friday, January 12, 2007

Cynical Results of Postmodernism

Reading and reviewing chapter two of John Burke's book, "No Perfect People Allowed" I have these thoughts to share.

I can identify with Burke's frustrations that people don't receive the Good News about Jesus like they used to. With postmodernists something can make sense to them but making sense is not all it takes to get them to follow Christ. Those who wish to win current and future American generations for Christ need to take a serious look at how the playing field has changed.

I follow Christ in the "Bible Belt", although I'm not sure our city qualifies actually. Huntsville, Alabama, believe it or not, is really quite cosmopolitan in many ways. Science and tech industries have imported open minds from around the world. And people under 30 have had their worldviews shaped by sociological, philosophical, historical, political and even spiritual ideas foreign to the Bible Belt no matter if they've grown up here or not.

Burke makes a solid case that those of us interested in reaching a generation whose thinking has been adversely affected by postmodern thinking must contextualize the message of Christ for the culture in which we live.

Problem with me is I just turned 50 last year. The older you get the more contact you lose with current cultural trends - unless you do so intentionally.

It's good my wife and I have three children who just left the nest in the last several years. Their communications help me stay somewhat in touch with current trends. I can benefit from something I read somewher else recently called, "Reverse Mentoring." Like, one of the teens at church helped me program some stuff on my cell phone recently. I honestly didn't know how. And don't ask me who won the grammys. I see the names and hear the songs and I'm totally lost - except for contemporary Christian music - and even then I can't keep up totally.

Well I haven't kept up with talking about Burke's second chapter. I've rambled. It's Friday. Perhaps I'll get my mind back in gear for this later.


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