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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

God Does it Again!

Back in June I shared how God answered a prayer for a new guitar. (See my blog dated June 13, 2006 - "Guitar Prayer Precisely Answered.") It was around the time of my 50th birthday and family and friends (by the hand of Providence) pitched in with the exact amount of the prayed-for instrument.

Fast forward to November and my wife Deb's 50th birthday celebration. I knew all along what I wanted to get her: a Korg electronic stage piano, model SP-300, just like the one she plays every Sunday at church and practices on every Monday night at Worship Team rehearsals. She was always saying how great it would be to have one at home to use and enjoy. I even knew what it was going to cost me and so I had hustled up the money (with God's help) - planning on marching into the store the week of her birthday and laying down the greenbacks - lots of 'em - for my sweetheart's birthday wish.

When I got to the store - the same one from which we had purchased the church's piano - the salesman told me that, not only did Korg not make this model anymore - but the newer model replacing it didn't have built-in speakers - a feature Deb would definitely need to play at home since we do not have an amplifier. Furthermore he announced that the replacement models wouldn't be in until the following week.

Being the mild-mannered man that I am (ha!), I cooly breathed a prayer to God that went something like this: "Dear God - help!"

Bass player Jeff Woodbury had dropped by the church earlier in the week to fix some broken speakers in his amp and had mentioned a Korg SP-300 in a guy's home that was basically new and probably for sale.

Long story shortened: I picked it up the morning of Deb's birthday for less than half the cost of the unit when it sold new in the stores.

God is good!


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