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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

4 x 4 on American Idol

The appearance of "Judge Judy" in the audience being acknowledged by Ryan Seacrest in tonight's show was pretty lame. If they were so pressed for time that they broke in on the judges comments (well, Simon's comments) several times - how did they have time to talk to the her? Weren't there any more interesting people to talk to in the audience?

I guess they needed four judges for the final four contestants.

I thought the final four would blow us away tonight but Deb and I didn't come out of our chairs as we have in prior years. Hopefully that kind of enthusiasm for vocal talent will arrive in the next three weeks.

The judges were pretty much right in their assessments - no one was bright like a star yet. Melinda is still our favorite and I thought her second song was about the best tonight. She is definitely a professional - but Jordin Sparks is coming on strong. What poise and projection for a high school kid.

The fact that Jordin's dad is a former NFL star is easy to spot every time she stands next to Ryan.

I agree with Simon. Blake and Lakisha are vulnerable after tonight.


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