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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Last Jihad

"The Last Jihad" is the first novel in Joel C. Rosenberg's unravelling of end time scenarios that are eerily close to actual events in the world as relating to the middle east and prophecy. (See my blog entry immediately previous to this one.) I read this one quickly so that I can move on to books 2 and 3.

This was interesting - reading the first book that develops the author's main characters - after having read the fourth book in a progression of ideas that fit together as a whole. "The Last Jihad" was published in 2002 and I first read "The Copper Scroll" by the same author, published in 2006. Actually, Rosenberg wrote "Jihad" before 2002 - and before 9-11! The book begins with middle eastern terrorists in the cockpit of a plane headed to do harm in America. It also depicts the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein being toppled. Hmmm...pretty prescient stuff!

His political slant is conservative but, like his emphasis on Christianity, not blatantly aggressive. I like that. It's smart and it gives room for people who differ with the author's evangelical Christianity and right leaning ways to discover different views through a riveting story line.


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