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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places - Part II

Picking up from a little over a month ago (Jan. 13 blog entry) on the first installment of comments on the book, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places by Eugene Peterson.

Page 38 - "We live in a culture that has replaced soul with self." An obvious yet profound observation.

P. 41 - "The primary way in which we cultivate fear of the Lord is in prayer and worship - personal prayer and corporate worship. We deliberately interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to God, place ourselves intentionally in sacred space, in sacred time, in the holy presence - and wait. (Emphasis mine.) We become silent and still in order to listen and respond to what is Other than us. Once we get the hang of this we find that this can occur any place and any time. But prayer and worship provide the base."

I found this thought to be at the heart and soul of why many people don't get it. Intentionally attending to God is so foreign to the lives of so many professed Christ followers.

P. 117 - "When we work we are most godlike..."

P. 121 - "...fear is the most frequently mentioned response to Jesus' resurrection."

Beginning at page 130 and continuing through page 222, EH talks about how Christ Plays in History. (This wasn't my favorite part of the book because the coverage wasn't as freshly inciteful overall as the first and third portions of the book.)

P. 142 - "The passion story takes place in one week but it is given space far out of proportion to its chronology. Matthew gives a quarter of his pages to the passion; Mark a third; Luke a fifth; and John almost one half."

Next time...Christ Plays in Community, pages 226-329.


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