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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stay Away from Things that Hurt You

This past week seems like a blur. Some allergic reaction caused swelling in my face, my eyes were especially puffy, and I've felt weak. The over-the-counter medicine Deb got me at the drugstore - some generic brand of pills with benadryl in them - has helped me recover but it makes me drowsy. I fell asleep during American Idol the other night - which I didn't want to do - because I had just taken two tablets. It has helped the swelling go down, but when I walk I lean to the right. My right leg muscles are sore because of this. My reading has been off and I've had a difficult time concentrating.

I chuckle at myself thinking about how crazy this past week has been but it's a good lesson in staying away from things that hurt you. My suspicion is the allergic reaction was to pine tree pollen. I spent late Saturday afternoon scooping up a ton of stuff from the pine trees that border the church parking lot. I won't do that next spring!

If you have something in your life that you ought to stay away from - envy, materialism, anger, that extra piece of cake, whatever - try to remember the consequences of your foolish behavior. The outcome to foolish behavior is always the same. It weakens you and requires time and often healing medicine to recover your strength.


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